Irish Setter Club of Houston

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We welcome anyone with an interest in Irish Setters to join our club! 

You do not need to own an Irish Setter to be a member (but we bet you will want one soon after you join!)

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Each person has a different reason for joining a club.  Please complete this survey to help us get to know you?


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Fund Raising

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Irish Setter Rescue


Ways in which I can help?

I can be called on to check out a reported rescue Irish Setter?
I can do home visits on potential rescue/foster homes?
I can assist in fund raisers/donations, etc.  
Other things I can do to help with Rescue Irish Setters?


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  4. Our Bylaws require that your acceptance procedure into the Club begins with the "sponsorship" of two club members and concludes with a majority vote at the next scheduled meeting. You will be notified of the results of this selection process as soon as possible. Your first years dues will be payable at that time.

  5. Please double-check your email address as entered above!  This is how we will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in the Irish Setter Club of Houston!

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