In Memoriam...

 "We who surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own,  live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Yet we would live no other way, and we cherish memory as the only certain immortality."


Irving Townsend  (1920-1981)





"We can judge the heart of a person by their treatment of Animals"

Immanuel Kant (22 April 1724 – 12 February 1804)



Sympathy, 1877 (oil on canvas) by Briton Riviere (1840-1920)


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Patti Normandin  Nissa

(U-CDX Token's Into the Woods CGC RTD UD)

September 16, 1989 –  December 6, 2001

Nina Johnson


(U-CD Bramblebush Famous Shamus CD MH VCX)

Feb 17 1990 – Nov 5, 2001


Bruce & Mary Foote  Whitney

(Meadowlark’s Impetuous)

April 23, 1990 – April 1, 2002

Robert & Dotti Fowler Murphy

(U-CD DNR's Classic Murphy, CGC CD JH VC)

Sept 10, 1988 – Sept 11, 2003


Mary Somano


August 14, 1988 - June 17, 2003

Pat Fawkes (photo not yet available)  


(Token's Paint the Town Red)

26 May 96 -  03


Diana & Tina Coffey



(MyTyme's Blest Angel of Mercy RTD )

23 Apr 93 -  Nov 03

Bruce and Mary Foote (photo not available)  Hillary

(Ch. Meadowlarks Curtain Call)

2 Jan 92 - 26 Feb 04

We are sad to report that Miss Hillary's show has closed; 

the marquee is dark, the sets struck, 

and the final Curtain Call been taken. 

Miss Hillary has retired to the Bridge. 



Bruce & Mary Foote (photo not available)  Lace

(Ch. Meadowlarks Irish Lace)

27 May 91 - 01 Mar 04


Kathy & Buell Gammill  Gala

(Sunshine's Gala Affair, JH)

(May 27, 1992- June 6, 2004)


Dotti & Robert Fowler


Ulla & Rajat Data


(MyTyme's Amicable Gentleman)

(March 8, 1992- February 29, 2004)


Bruce & Mary Foote (photo not available)  Riley

(BISS Ch Rusticwoods Song of Hawaii)

(April 19, 1991 - September 12, 2004)


Grace & Steve Parker  Chester


(1999 - November 1, 2004)

Dotti & Robert Fowler



(Int'l CH MyTyme's Abracadabra CD JH VC CGC)

(March 8, 1992 - December 18, 2004) 

Weaving a web of magic all his own, this boy managed to combine the mischievous nature of the leprechaun with the royal attitude that is expected of this breed. He charmed us with his wiles and loving nature, all the while having his way with us in everything his heart desired. We would not have had it any other way...


Jeff & Shea Swanson


Vermillion’s Sentimental Journey

OFA Excellent # IR-9190E77F-PI

(March 11, 1995 – February 25, 2006)

Cassi – My Sweet Baby Girl, my love and my heartbeat.  I am a better person because of you.  You opened my eyes and my heart to a new world.  You gave new depth and significance to the meaning of love and devotion.  My heart is broken and the tears still flow.  Your place on the bed is untouched.  No one has claimed it.  The house is so empty, your presence sorely missed, even though there are many redheads still here.  You filled our world with laughter and love.  No one will ever take the special place you hold in my heart.  I love you so very much and will miss you always.  I am grateful for the privilege of having you in my life and cherish the time we had together. My heart went with you my sweet baby girl.  My Cassi, rest well sweet angel girl until we meet again for a grand reunion like no other.  My sassy Cassi Girl.  I love you.

With all my love…Shea


Dotti & Robert Fowler



(MyTyme's Buccaneer JH CGC)

(4/23/93- 6/5/2006)

Morgan was always the personal favorite of visitors and friends, charming them with his spirit and playfulness.  He loved to 'sing' that special "woo-woo" that is characteristic of Irish, and exuded a happy, joyful personality.  He was rarely seen standing still, or without something to carry around, as there were always places to go and games to play.

Morgan enjoyed hunting and was always ready and willing to play and to run!  People asked to guess his age were always several years off the mark, because he was always  a 'puppy' in attitude and enjoyment of life...



Dotti & Robert Fowler  


(MyTyme's Amusing Antics, CD JH VC CGC)

(3/8/92- 11/18/2006) 

Musette offered a life of fun and exuberance that was sometimes tiring just to observe!  She combined this however, with exemplary manners, and was easy to live with and enjoy to the fullest. 


Bruce & Mary Foote



Ch. Vermilions Tuxedo Junction

(11 March 1995 – 17 February 2007)

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright, 
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, 
And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout; 
But there is no joy in Magnolia! Mighty Casey has struck out. 
(with apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer) 

Jeff & Shea Swanson


CH Vermilion’s Ain’t Misbehavin, JH

(March 11, 1995 - November 14, 2007)

This morning we had to help our most beautiful Ms. Amber to the Bridge.
I know she was excited to see her Sister Cassi, Brother Casey, Momma Emily,
baby son Finn, Brandy, and other Brother Ace the Greyhound.

Amber was our first everything. Champion of our hearts as well as the show ring.
But her first love (besides me) was hunting. Amber loved to hunt and was beautiful
to watch in the field in her younger days. Now her kids, & grandkids carry the
torch for the field.

The Grandma girl is gone now to hunt endlessly in the beautiful fields on the other side of the bridge.
Wait for us sweet beautiful Ms. Bam Bam.
We will miss you terribly.
There is another hole in our hearts that can never be filled.
Wait for us and we will once again hunt together in those beautiful
green fields at the Bridge.
There will be a wonderfully grand reunion one day soon.
Kiss my Sweet Cassi and Ace for us.

We love you beautiful girl, and will miss you…until we meet again…

Thank you Bruce and Mary Foote for letting us have this wonderful girl.
Shea and Jeff


Dotti & Robert Fowler


(MyTyme's Clown Royal JH CGC)

(10/24/97 - 10/18/2008)

You could not help but smile when Monte gave you that "gotta love me" look.  He was a loving and fun companion, exhibiting absolute loyalty along with a calm demeanor and regal attitude.  



Patti Normandin


(CH. Token's  Let Me Entertain You, CD, CGC)

(3-29-95 to 5-14-09)


Gloria & John Yoshioka


(Interlude's Maestoso In Red)

(6-08-96 to 1-06-09)


Run free my sweet baby girl.  Though you are no longer by my side, you will forever be in my heart until we are together once again.  I love you to the moon and back again.  None other will ever take your place.


Dotti & Robert Fowler


(MyTyme's Triple Clown JH CGC)

(10/24/97 - 1/30/2010)

Miles was a vocal, loving and fun companion with a heart as big as all outdoors.  He has gone to be with his brother and best friend (Monte) and will be missed greatly. 


John and Gloria Yoshioka


On January 20, 2010 the angels called you home to take away your pain forever.  Bless you sweet boy for bringing so much joy and love into our lives.  You will always be in our hearts, until you are once again by our side. 

John and Gloria Yoshioka


On February 16, 2010, you left our arms to go be with the angels, your brother Redford, and all our loves that departed before you.  You stayed as long as you could sweet girl and for that we are sooooo very grateful.  Run free now and know that you are always with us, just as we are always with you. 


Chris Collins




 Indiana Jones


I adopted Indiana Jones (His registered name was Indiana Jones’ First Big Rodeo because he acted like everyday was the bestest most beautiful day of life) in May of 2000. As y’all told me …”he’s a ‘door buster’!” and he was …he was 7-months old when I got him and he has turned out to be the light of my life over these past 11 years.  On Friday, I spooned him on the floor at the vet’s just as I had so many times on Saturday afternoon’s when we took a nap.  With my arms around him, my head on his and one hand on his heart he went for his final nap. 

Adopting a Setter from y’all was the best thing I have done in my life.



Shea & Jeff Swanson





 Casshea's Whymsical Journey


"Calleigh is a star in the sky"



Dotti & Robert Fowler





 MyTyme's Clown Jewel

(10/24/97 - 9/23/2011)

Morella had a heart as big as all outdoors.  For her, every day was a new day and a chance to make a new friend.  She's now running and playing with her brothers, Miles and Monte.




John and Gloria Yoshioka




Maggie Mae 


Maggie Mae was a rescue that was only with us for a short four and a half years.  She came to us as a mess, only temporarily as a foster but obviously she had other plans ... working her way into our hearts and souls as a loving and integral part of our family.  She will be sorely missed.

She's in a better place now running and playing but ever so often stopping, sniffing the air and looking back for us to join her at the bridge.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things!”









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